You will find many texts below which will help you find a perfect recovery professional get well soon message to client or employee If you lack the inspiration to write your message.

Because if everyone gets sick one day, it’s really in these moments that we need the most support from the people we love. Aside from visits, support cards, gifts, recovery text messages are also important when you can’t be around the person you love.

Check this one:

I remember you once told me that laughter was the best medicine in the world. I just bought the book “10,000 jokes” and I’m coming to read it to you. No, come on, it was a joke. I hope you laughed well. Get well soon buddy!

Professional get well soon message to client

professional get well soon message to client

Dear friend,

I want to wish you a speedy recovery with a message of friendship full of tenderness and esteem.

After those few sick days, joy and a sunny smile will return to your face.

Being sick and suffering is a condition that immerses us in our human fragility. I know that you will be able to find in yourself the energy and the strength of spirit to heal and recover quickly.

I wish you to keep hoping and have lots of courage.

Loving thoughts of a person who thinks of you …

Simple good recovery SMS

My friend, you are sick but is it really a scoop?

Everyone knows that you are a real patient, a real strong person!

So it’s not flu that will strike you.

With this comic message of good recovery, I share with you my friendship and my support in the face of illness.

Sincere friendship

Sympathetic and professional get well soon message

This little supporting text is ideal as a nice word to accompany a bouquet of flowers to offer to a person suffering or experiencing health problems

With all my kindness and esteem.

Be strong and keep the optimism you cultivate so well every day! Your communicative good humor will be the best drugs to heal and recover quickly.

I wish you a speedy recovery, hoping that this modest bouquet of flowers will enhance your recovery days a little.

Get well soon SMS to a friend

Courage to overcome this ugly disease. It takes time and rest, but it goes quickly. Take the opportunity to be pampered, watch good movies and have hot chocolate.

I heard you were sick. I send you all my wishes for a speedy recovery. Take good care of yourself.

Health is one of the most important things, so it takes time to recover properly. You need to regain strength and rest. Don’t think of anything else. I would even tell you to “take advantage” of this moment of calm, you who are so used to living at 100 an hour.

I bring you my support at a time that must be difficult for you. In a while things will get better you will see. At the end of the road, healing and recovery await you.

Heal quickly so that we can run and laugh like crazy like before! In the meantime rest from all our follies. I miss you. A lot of kisses.

Funny SMS to wish a good recovery

Send a funny and humorous message to your sick friend to give him a little smile in this hard time to pass!

There are good things about being sick. You can stay in bed as much as you want, you can relax as much as you want without watching the clock go by, you can allow yourself to be cranky and complain. Besides, all the people who love you think of you all the time and hope that you will get better quickly.

Best professional get well soon message to client or employee

Since we learned that you were sick, there are a lot of sad faces in the office, which also seems very empty without you. Get well and come back to us quickly to bring us the ray of sunshine that we lack.

We heard that you were sick so i send you a laptop and your files so you can work from home … but no, I’m kidding. Take your time to heal and come back to us in great shape!

My dear colleague

May this time of rest and recovery allow you to return to us in top form. Your colleagues at work miss your bursts of laughter, your zest for life and your good humor.

I was very touched when I learned that you had health problems. We miss you very much at work and we hope you will feel better very soon.

Take the time to rest and respect yourself. And come back to us when you feel ready and completely healed.

A colleague who thinks of you and wishes you a speedy recovery.

My friend

A few words of friendship in order to wish you a lot of courage and patience at this time when you know the inconveniences of the disease.

A few words also to tell you that I think of you and that you can count on me if necessary. You know I’m here for you!

Being sick or suffering reminds us of how fragile and vulnerable we are. This difficult time is an opportunity to become aware of the luck represented by good physical and mental health. Illness can make us stronger even if it is primarily a test.

As spring returns after each winter, healing and the joy of life will return after this time of convalescence.

Good luck to you my friend whom I care. Be convinced of my affection and my great friendship. Love from a friend who thinks of you…

Professional get well soon message to client for a good recovery letter to express your support for a sick person with respectful and encouraging words.

Message religious recovery

My sister in religion
My brother in religion

I pray to God that He will give you the strength to overcome your illness.

Keeping faith in God is the best medicine there is.

May my prayers and this message of good recovery allow you to regain good health quickly.



Your friend is sick and you want to support him / her by sending him a little message of support? Professional get well soon message to client to tenderly say “Good recovery”.

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Professional get well soon message to client or colleague

My dear colleague

Coming to learn that you were sick, I want with this friendly message wish you to quickly regain good health.

I wish you a good recovery and a lot of rest.

Good wishes of recovery to a work colleague who I miss and who I think of every day.

Message of support and good recovery to a family member

Examples of support texts to give courage to a sick family member: parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters, etc.

Message of support the patient’s family

Family support text to adapt and personalize for all members of a family (brothers and sisters, uncle or aunt, cousin or cousin, grandpa or granny, etc.)

I think of you at this difficult time …

When a family member is sick, the whole family suffers and thinks of him.

My brother, you must be strong in the face of this disease that eats away at you!

Psychological strength is 50% of the remedy and half of the cure.

Your brothers and sisters, mom and dad, think of you and are there for you.

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Message of support to a mother

Good recovery message to his mother – Prompt recovery to a sick mother


This breast cancer that you have contacted is a test for you, your children and dad, your husband who loves you so much.

Know that your whole family supports you and fights by your side to help you overcome this difficult ordeal.

Be strong my dear mother, we think of you and we are by your side.

Your whole family loves you and thinks of you!

Big kisses and full of affection…

Wish a happy mother’s day to a sick mom with a beautiful message of tenderness.

Happy recovery message to his father

Happy father wishes for recovery – Prompt recovery for seriously ill dad


With this message of good recovery, I want to express my affection to you.

Your serious illness, this cancer that you have contracted, is a test for you and your family. We are fighting with you and our support will allow you to find the strength to fight, to overcome cancer and to heal.

May this message of support from your child who loves you give a little energy my darling father in order to bear your sufferings and put a little hope and love in your heart so good.


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