Nowadays, seducing a woman is done more and more often via a dating site. The virtual cruising, if you can call it that, meeting people via the internet is in tune with the times. But after getting her number or social media contact, the problem that you often have is how to establish contact with the first text message to a girl you don’t know. You have trouble knowing how to start a conversation with a woman online, what catchphrase to use.

What to say in a 1st SMS  and how to text a girl for the first time? How to turn it to get his attention? In this article, you will find how to send your first text message to a girl you don’t know. Feel free to take inspiration from these messages, but please personalize them and remember that you must always adapt them to the profile, and therefore to the woman, with whom you want to discuss. Here are 15 tips on how to text a girl for the first time examples.

Your first text message to a girl you don’t know

Before sending your first message, keep in mind the following basic rules. They will increase your chances of getting a response and bonding with a woman.

4 basic rules before sending your text:

  1. Above all, don’t overdo it. There is no point in writing a poem or passing it ointment. You like it virtually, but that’s not a reason to make tons of it.
  2. Also, do not give him your full CV with a cover letter. So, a poor “hello, hi, hello,” is not enough of course, but stay soft in this first contact. It must seem natural above all. So stay pleasant, polite, respectful, funny, while thinking of an opening for a response at the end of your message.
    Don’t forget to add a few details about her or a question, but no more, which shows that you have indeed read her profile. And that it interests you. Her, not just her photos!
  3. And please, pay attention to the way you write. I’m not talking about originality, and you don’t have to make beautiful, well-made sentences. But respect the basics: spelling, syntax, and a minimum of vocabulary. And if you are angry with English, think of the automatic corrector, the dictionary, whatever, but read it again and correct your mistakes before clicking on the send button
  4. If you surprise a woman or make her laugh, she will tend to get involved and will respond to you spontaneously. This allows you to create a little game that will take her out of her daily life.

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How to text a girl for the first time examples

First text message to a girl you don't know

If you know how to break it from the first text, you are likely to grab their attention.

1 Send the first message to a woman by making a joke:

Look at his photos, read his description, and give him a joke funny enough to start the conversation!


” Good evening. Reading your profile, I realize that you are playing a musical instrument. I hope you’re not going to pay the piper! Reassure me! ”

2 Asking a funny question

The advantage of asking a question is that your interlocutor feels “indebted” to answer your question if it is asked in an intelligent and respectful manner.


“Hello, a question stuck in my head, what nickname would you give me based on my photos?


“Hello, if you could wake up tomorrow having gained a superpower, which one would it be?” (me, addicted, to superheroes? Not at all 😉!)

3 Presenting yourself in a humorous way

Again and again, in humor, you can start the conversation via a presentation. Useless to try to take too long, it is especially necessary to try to fly.


“I always wanted to be a writer, moreover, I wrote a very funny novel which very much liked. Finally to my grandmother especially. She’s my most loyal reader (okay, the only one actually;)). You don’t want to be the second by chance ?! ”


“Good evening. I must admit that watching cooking shows on TV is my great passion, but going into practice is more complicated … I still can’t control the cooking of the tartare. Do you have a tip? ”

4 Play the mysterious man for your 1st SMS

You can try everything for the whole while playing directly the card of the mystery from the 1st text. With this background of humor again and again.


“I know we told you too much, but I’m telling you anyway …”

Why can it work? Because the curiosity of the woman will be aroused. She will want to hear the end of your “stupidity”. She will answer: “Tell me what? ”

I write your letters and speeches
Love, Rupture, Declaration

A possible response from you:


“Not to talk to strangers. This is the basis, didn’t your parents instill that in you? I really need to meet them quickly to redo your education. How do we do it? ”


“It was a test. I refuse to go out with girls under 198 Minimum IQ. Ready for the next test? ”

A little humor is the best way to provoke positive emotions, and to make her want to talk to you!

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5 Her profile pictures

If you lack a bit of humor inspiration, take inspiration from his profile photos. But beware, without taking out a banality on his physique or a flat compliment. Rather try to find an atypical, original element, which is a priori part of his personality. And react on it.


” Hello! Your tattoo, have you been doing it in Japan? Or is it just because you’re passionate about it? ”

6 The information on social media

Really read the profile description of the woman you are interested in. This will give you information on which to bounce back when sending your first message. Always try to use the chosen information in a subtle, funny, or offbeat way.


“Good evening. I saw that you are addicted to chocolate. You will agree that nothing beats milk chocolate with hazelnuts, right? Or are you more from another “school” ?! ”

This technique also has the advantage of letting him know that you have taken the time to read his description, even if it is in a roundabout way!

7 The strategy of the double proposal

This consists of sending a short message, asking a question in the form of an alternative, the aim of which is both to make her laugh and to generate a spontaneous return. And do it in relation to what you learned from his tastes by reading his profile. For example :


“Are you more a sleepover-Netflix or aperitif-dancefloor party?” ”


“Do you prefer to have a penguin who follows you all your life, wherever you go, or perhaps have to spend the rest of your days by my side?”

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