If you are wondering how to not be boring when texting a girl or a guy, you have come to the right tips.

Texting is a great way to seduce someone you’ve just met, but they’re also great for luring someone you’ve been with for a while to spice up your relationship and get out of the routine. In this period of confinement of COVID-19, I had the idea of ​​sharing with you,  some tips and ideas to awaken the senses of your lover and thus ignite the fire of passion in your couple or with that that you covet.

If you are in a new relationship or trying to seduce someone who catches your eye, it will be important to learn what he likes and sometimes take the lead. The art of seduction is to let others know that you are interested, without being acquired.

In this article, we will see together how to not be dry when texting a girl or a guy, and how to pick up someone by message so that he/she only has one desire: To see you again and go further with you.

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How to not be boring when texting a girl or a guy


1. Don’t make text messaging an end in itself:

This is the basis.

Too many guys are making text messaging an end in itself.

They take the girl’s phone number to … take the girl’s phone number.

And they are very proud of it as if it was something exceptional in itself.

Now, a number … it’s just a number.

The important thing is what you will do with it.

And when you take a girl’s phone number, it shouldn’t be for the specific purpose of texting her.

It just has to be for the purpose of reviewing it later.

It should only be a formality necessary for the organization of a later meeting.

This is also the best way to invite the girl to leave you her phone number because it is the most effective (and especially the most natural) way to do it.

Then, during testing, you must keep in mind that your goal is not to conduct endless conversations with this girl by messages, but simply to carry out more or less brief texting in order to build trust (if necessary) and invite them to do something together in real life.

Unless you show yourself really exciting during texting of SMS, it is better to reserve your words for your meeting in real life, because it is at this moment that you will actually be able to connect with it.

2. Make sure to contact her when she is alone:

There really isn’t a specific ideal time when to send a first text message (or a text message in general) to a woman you want to seduce.

The ideal time to send a first text message will vary depending on the girl and the context.

The best time to send an SMS to the girl is going to be the least busy.

You can imagine why: simply because this is the moment when this text message will have the most impact since all of its attention can be focused on it.

Conversely, if the girl receives your text message while she is busy, there is a good chance that she will not pay more attention to it than that. But also that she does not respond to it right away (because she is very busy at the moment).

The ideal time to send an SMS is the time when the girl will be the most available.

For a lot of women, it will be in the evening at the start of the week (after school or work, when she is alone at home and is likely to be bored).

It could also be in the afternoon, depending on the context, or at other times.

Again, it all depends on the girl and the context.

Initiating the texting in this free time will allow you to produce maximum effects with your texts.

Whereas conversely, if the girl is in a meeting, in an intensive course or with her friends, it will prove to be much more complicated.

3. Avoid writing blocks:

We are starting a slightly more technical point…: the composition of your text messages.

So that you understand what we are going to talk about here, I must first talk to you about the concept of investment.

The more you invest in the interaction, the more you reflect the image who expects something from this interaction.

So if you invest too much (in other words if you invest more than the girl), you will pass for a guy in need.

The girl will feel that she is in control and you will be much less attractive to her.

She will have much less desire to chase you because she will already consider you as more or less acquired.

Conversely, if you invest less than the girl, she will feel that you are not acquired.

She will feel that she has to fight to hold your attention.

She will feel that she is not your priority.

It will make you much more attractive.

Concretely, what translates this investment in an interaction?

Basically, the more energy, time, emotions, etc. you put into an interaction, the more you are invested.

During a conversation, the visible side of the investment is your speaking time:

The more you talk, the more invested you are.

And the more the girl speaks, the more she shows herself invested (so it’s a pretty good sign when a girl you have just approached starts talking more).

During texting, the visible side of the investment is the length of your SMS.

The longer your SMS, the more invested you are.

And conversely, the shorter your SMS, the more detached and indifferent you seem.

This is the reason why you should avoid writing paving stones.

Because if you write blocks (which is more to a girl who only sends you short SMS), you will pass for a guy too invested, and therefore in need. This will greatly reduce the attraction that the girl feels for you.

So limit yourself to relatively short messages.

Don’t be more invested than the girl.

4. If the girl or the guy writes emojis, it is a sign that she/he is interested:

As you understood with what we have just seen above, the longer your messages, the more you show yourself invested (and the more you are effectively invested).

The length of the text messages is a good indicator of the degree of investment.

In the same way, if the girl puts emojis for you, it’s because she’s invested.

If she takes the time to write you long messages, it is because she expects something from the interaction.

In any case, it is because it gives it some importance. So that she is not indifferent.

The opposite of a girl who will regularly respond to you with a word or two.

So okay, that doesn’t mean that she’s not being dry (she can do this for the purpose of testing you or to be difficult, and therefore more desirable), but it’s a sign that you’re going to have to work it a little more.

When a girl sends you emojis, it is a sign that she is interested, and therefore that you can move up a gear by offering her an appointment (remember that the goal is not you lose in endless texting, but to see the girl for real).

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5. Don’t get caught:

We saw just above that the length of your text messages was an indicator of your level of investment.

But it is not the only indicator that allows the girl to gauge your investment.

There is also the time you take to respond to their text messages.

As you can imagine, the quicker you respond to his texts, the more you show yourself off, and therefore invested.

And conversely, the more time you take to respond to their texts, the more you are detached and indifferent.

Likewise, a girl who takes hours to answer you is a girl who is less invested than a girl who systematically responds to your text messages very quickly.

So, to avoid being too invested, avoid systematically responding too quickly to the girl.

Be careful not to fall into the opposite excess which consists in making the girl wait too long :

If you always take hours (or worse: days) to answer the SMS of the girl, it may get tired.

Your texting will lose momentum and your target will have time to cool down during these interminable breaks (it can be problematic when you want to offer him an appointment or excite him by texting hot messages, because at this time- there it must be a minimum pre-heated).

The key is therefore to maintain a certain balance.

Sometimes answer relatively quickly, sometimes wait for a little before answering, sometimes wait several hours … In order to be unpredictable and to get the girl to make films by wondering why you sometimes take so long to answer her.

6. Give him/her time to respond:

You are texting the girl.

10 minutes pass.

Then 30 minutes.

Then 1 hour.

Then 2h.

You wonder why she is not responding.

You wonder if your sms was well designed.

You start to wonder if she received it …

You begin to consider sending him another one, in which you will invite him to reply.

10 minutes pass.

Then 20.

Still no answer.

Oh and then shit! You decide to send him this second SMS.

That’s it, it’s sent.

You start waiting again.

10 minutes pass.

20 minutes.

30 minutes.




You decide to send him a third text message.

A few hours later, the girl answers.

She ran out of battery and forgot her external battery to recharge the phone.

You continue texting, but she seems less attracted.

Another possibility: she does not answer you outright.

In either case, you have reduced the girl’s attraction to you.

Because you have been too invested in chaining the messages.

You were too impatient. Like a girl who stresses because her boyfriend comes home a little too late at night.

You have shown yourself to be in need.

You have made it clear to the girl that she has the most control over the interaction.

You made it clear to her that she is in a position of strength.

Do not fall into this trap.

Give him time to respond.

Avoid chaining messages this way.

If the girl does not respond, very often it is that she cannot.

So wait long enough before texting.

7. Don’t make movies about the girl:

We come back to our investment concept again.

Except that here, we are going to talk about emotional investment.

It’s not something that is going to be directly visible, however, it is something that will rub off on your attitude and the way you interact with the girl.

We talk about emotional over-investment when we imagine too early in a romantic relationship with the girl.

We put too many emotions in this hypothetical relationship that we could have with this girl.

We fantasize about her.

We make films and imagine a lot of scenarios with her.

This is what too high an emotional investment is.

By investing yourself emotionally in this way, you condemn yourself to be in need.

You put yourself in a weak position.

You automatically become the person in demand.

Because you are conditioning yourself to expect something from this interaction.

This conditioning will lead you to adopt an unattractive attitude which will repel the girl.

You’re going to get stressed every time the girl takes a little too long to answer you.

You are going to send him SMS which transpires the lack.

You will show yourself in need when you see her for real.

And the girl will feel it.

Women have a kind of sixth sense that allows them to feel this kind of thing even from a distance;)

So don’t fantasize about any girl.

8. Write in correct English:

We are moving away from our investment concept to talk about something more related to social status: your way of writing.

If you write as illiterate, you will be considered as illiterate.

If you write in SMS, chances are you will be considered a retarded teenager.

So if you write out of the blue, there is a good chance that you will pass for a guy with low social status and / or a guy with low social intelligence (or just plain intelligence).

Some guys ruin all the work done during the collision during their first text message, letting the girl see their catastrophic level in spelling and grammar.

It can be fatal.

So take care of your writing.

9. Take it easy on punctuation:

Some guys abuse the punctuation and then pass for over-excited.

They use excessive exclamation marks and / or question marks.


The examples are endless.

Do you feel the effect of this excess punctuation?

It makes you look like an over-excited guy.

It corresponds to an energy level that is far too high.

And once again, this indicates a too high degree of investment (energy investment for that matter).

It’s like you’re constantly over-excited during your face-to-face conversation with the girl.

It makes you pass for a weird guy, for a guy who is not socially calibrated, for a guy who can’t control himself, for a guy who is a little too deep on the girl…

Not great for flirting a girl effectively…

So don’t overuse punctuation.

Return the image of a serene and calm guy.

10. Take it easy on the smileys:

As with punctuation, some guys abuse smileys and then pass for over-excited or retarded teens.

They use a whole bunch of smileys to excess: “:)”, “;)”, “: D”, “: p”, etc …

11. Watch out with irony:

In texting, there is not all the non-verbal component that we find in face-to-face interaction.

There is no tone of voice, flow, facial expression, body language, etc.

However, it is this non-verbal component that allows your interlocutor to interpret your message in the right way.

Face to face, if you want to be ironic, you can make the girl understand very easily that it is irony. Thanks to the tone of your voice and your facial expression.

This is not the case when exchanging text messages.

In a text message, there is only text. So just words.

This is the reason why it is risky to use irony in an SMS.

Chances are, the girl won’t understand that it’s irony.

Already that when you do humor in real life, women sometimes have a hard time understanding that it is humor, so no SMS, I’m not telling you…

So avoid using irony in your text messages.

And in case you want to do it, add a smiley in order to point the girl in the right direction.

How to not be dry when texting a guy or girl: 10 messages

Here are 10 suggestions of love messages to grab a man’s attention and make him understand that you want to go further with him:

  • I just wanted to tell you that you were my last thought last night when I went to bed and the first one this morning.
  • Do you want to know what my dreams are like? Look at yourself in a mirror!
  • You are the most beautiful, funny, kind, generous, and adorable man there is.
  • Last night, after saying good night, I have a conversation with the moon about love. She told me about the sun and I told her about you.
  • I can’t fall asleep tonight, probably because you’re not with me and I can’t think of anything but you.
  • I tried to write you a love message but I couldn’t. Words that can express such joy do not exist.
  • I tried to write you a love message but I couldn’t. There are no words that can express what I feel for you right now.
  • I really want to experience this feeling of being sticking against you.

Romantic texting is also a good way to check if a man has feelings for you. If he ignores the implication, you will know that he is probably not interested. If you don’t interest him, stop flirting with him.

How to not be boring when texting a guy or a new lover

Even when the feelings are there, we sometimes miss words. Here are some text messages to express your feelings to your lover.

  • Thank you for loving me and accepting me as I am. Thank you for giving me your time and your attention.
  • After all these phony relationships, I finally found you! You understand me. You always know what to say to cheer me up. You are my true love: I love you.
  • I don’t know why I’m in love with you. And, I don’t want to know. All I know is that I don’t want to lose you.
  • Thanks to you, I finally understand what love is. Thanks to you I am better and stronger. I love you.
  • If I could only offer you one thing, it would be the possibility of seeing you through my eyes: it’s the only way for you to understand how special you are to me.
  • I miss you, I want to kiss you so much, to feel you against me, I think of you and I can’t wait to meet!

How to not be dry when texting a girl or guy

You now have everything you need to avoid looking like a mess with texting. And as you can see, it is not very complicated in the end;)

Why should you take the lead? We are a generation of men raised by mothers who have taught their boys to respect women. On the other hand, this education has taught us to be less enterprising and shy, reserved, or empathetic men will often wait to feel the interest of a woman before being more enterprising.

This does not mean that he will never be enterprising. It is therefore important to show interest and make him understand that you want to go further in the relationship with him. Despite everything, it is important to remember that it is up to man to fight for you and that it is imperative to remain a challenge in his eyes, without being too inaccessible. How to not be boring when texting:

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If the women/man always has the feeling that it is he who must take the first step, or that you do not embark on a game of seduction with him, out of timidity or fear of not being up to par, he will get tired quickly because he will feel like he is wasting his time or that he may be in the “Friendzone”.

Starting the conversation.

Try to bring the conversation to a romantic and/or naughty topic. Thus, he/she will understand where you are coming from, and if he is also interested, he/she will continue the discussion on this path. For example, you could write to him/her in the morningI dreamed of you last night!” ” I guarantee he will want to know more.

How to not be boring when texting: Compliment

Everyone likes to be heard saying nice things and compliments are a great way to seduce. Nothing requires you to compliment his physique, but it is important that the compliment that this compliment is sincere. Don’t compliment a male friend. Remember the goal and get the message out that you want more than a friend.

Try writing in the evening.

The evening atmosphere will invite you to let yourself go further. Chatting with him by SMS in the evening will make the conversation more intimate and invite you to flirt. I can guarantee you will be the first thought he will have the next morning when he wakes up.

How to not be boring when texting a girl: Be yourself.

Hidden behind the screen of your laptop, you may be tempted to pretend to be more outgoing or more sexual than you are in real life. It is not a good idea to play a role if you want to formalize and build a lasting relationship.

How to not be dry when texting a guy: Be fun.

If you have to avoid playing a role, still try to bring out your fun side. By presenting yourself as a funny and playful person, you will make this boy want to know you better. Personally, humor is the thing that appeals to me the most in a woman. IF she makes me laugh, she already has 50% of the way. So this is how to not be boring when texting.

Don’t hesitate to tease.

Small teasing can help create some privacy, as long as the recipient has a sense of humor.

How to not be boring when texting: Try to surprise.

Sending the same message every day at the same time or with the same routine can quickly become boring.

Tell him you are thinking of him.

If you see something that makes you think of him, take a picture and send it to him with a note.

Keep the conversation going.

You will have to make sure you keep the conversation going. Contribute to the discussion, ask questions, or introduce a new topic if you have nothing to add to the current conversation.

Sexualize the conversation gradually. The more the conversations progress, the more important it is to sexualize the conversation if you want to continue to attract its attention. It should not be too explicit, but it is important that he can imagine going further in the relationship and that he does not waste his time giving attention to a girl who seeks only a friend.

Do not wait too long before responding.

You might think that playing with a man while waiting 2 or 3 days before replying to text messages is a good idea, but it’s not. If you don’t answer a man during the day, he will imagine that you don’t like him more than that.

Ask for an appointment in advance.

Try to offer him an outing several days in advance. Tell him how much you are looking forward to seeing him and develop a bond until the meeting with the advice above.

I hope this article “how to not be dry when texting” helped you a lot… if you like the concept, share it with such persons…

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