You are a romantic and crazy lover, right? Sweet and beautiful! Romanticism is lost these days. A few have become the ones who send a sweet note to their sweetheart.  But there are Beautiful deep love messages for her from the heart and beautiful romantic sentences to send a man or a woman.

deep love messages for her from the heart


So, let me explain: Note on a sheet of paper 2 or 3 sentences of your choice, make your brain work a little to personalize your writings for your sweetheart, copy everything on your mobile having previously selected the correct one number (Yep, it would be stupid to spoil anyone!), and then press the Send key:  your sweet and beloved has just received your surprise! 

There are many ways to tell her or him how much he/she is beautiful by deep love messages for her from the heart.

Check this one.

Half of my pleasure is to think of you, and the other half is to be with you.

Romantic deep love messages for her from the heart

♥ I want to live on a planet limited by your arms, lit by your eyes, led by your charm where the inhabitants are you and me.

♥You are the sweetest, the nicest but after all, you are the one of my life

♥I send you 3 flowers. The first of my heart and my heart for you. The 2nd of my eyes and my eyes dream of you. God’s 3 and may God protect you for me.

♥Since we are together, I finally understand what wants to say the word ” love “!

♥M destiny is to be with you to serve you awaken on your days and your nights, my life is in you wherever you go whatever you do, I will always be there even if I do not appear physically you are my man and I am your wife.

♥ If you love me as much as I do, you should feel the pain of my heart because you are not with me.

♥incessantly I think of you my darling treasure, this only fuels my desire to be by your side, cuddled by your queenly hands of the caress, princess of your dreams.

Falling from a tree is high, falling from the sky is very high, but falling in love with you is very beautiful.

♥You opened your heart to me and you gave me confidence in me for each stage of my life. Stay my little angel for a long time and be the man of my life. A thousand kisses.

♥To be born is to live, to live is to lov, to lov is to suffer, to suffer is to die, so why live? I have everything except you, so nothing because you are everything.

♥You are my prince, you are my king, you are my everything.

♥All the SMS messages that I send to your heart are the expression of my feelings for you. Feelings are so strong that even an unlimited SMS package is not enough to express them.

♥I lov you with all my heart, I lov you with all my being. I can’t control it and I don’t try. This love is both deep and sincere, stronger than my will, stronger than my faith.

♥ When I think of you, I feel revived. You are everything to me and your Love, I get drunk.

♥ When I’m sad I think of you ‘like winter we think of the sun, and when I’m cheerful, I think of you, like in full sun think of the shade …

♥ As the days go by, my feelings are getting stronger, to be in your arms, I can’t wait yet, look in my eyes and you will see what my heart says day and night I think of you my darling.

♥ Being away from you makes me suffer, thinking of you makes me heal, being near you is my greater desire …

Since you entered my life, you have made me discover life in pink and you have revived my dreams and my desires My heart in front of you, is on break!

♥ I keep thinking about you, whether it’s sleeping, talking with my friends, singing in the shower, I keep thinking about you, on your arms, on your lips.

♥I love you when I wake up when I see you by my side … I lov you in the morning when I think of you while having my coffee.

♥I look at my cell phone every 2 minutes to see if I like receiving an SMS from you. It’s too hard when you’re away from me. Romantic deep love messages for her from the heart.

♥My darling you are my universe my starry night my sun and my dreams your lv fills me with joy when I wake up I think of you and when I sleep, I dream of you.

♥ The first time, the moment I saw you, I loved you, and since that day, I have not stopped thinking about you, I only wanted you, that’s why, even when it doesn’t was not going between us, I kept chasing you because I lov you!

♥ When I get up, I think of you, your face seems obvious to me. During the day, I still think of you, when I go to sleep, I think of you. My life is filled with our memories

♥ When I’m in your arms, close to you, I forget everything and I think only of us … I don’t ask myself any more questions, because you alone are my obsession.

♥ You, my heart, my joy, I tell you these few words think about you, I love you and I cannot live without you, at every moment, at every moment, I think about you a minute without I miss you and you already, so you, my heart, accept me, take me in your arms, kiss me one last time.

Draft one of these deep love messages for her

💝 Message concerning spouse or partner

Living with you makes me stronger.
Living with you makes me more serene.
With you, I feel beautiful
You are an amplifier of happiness in my existence.

Together, everything seems possible to me.
Together, everything seems more beautiful to me.

I offer you this beautiful phrase of love which expresses so well what I feel:

Thank you for all that you are with me.
Thank you for all that I am when I am with you

💝 Your heart and mine are one

My heart and yours are one
Their beats are synchronized on the same happiness
They gently rhythm our beautiful love story.
Respect, tenderness, and passion flow through our veins
We lov each other with feelings that erase all pain

💝 Being with you my heart

To be with you is to live in joy and beauty!
You are my queen!
The mistress of my kingdom.
I am your loving servant.
My only mission is to make you happier and more in lv every day.

💝 Say hello to someone you love

Sun of my life!

This morning, when I got up I immediately thought of you
My loving heartbeat only in your honor
1000 thoughts of love flew towards you
Positive waves to prepare you for a day of sweetness.

I wish you a good day my darling (my darling)
May morning to evening You are fulfilled (fulfilled)
May this day bring you joy and serenity.
That at all times, you remember that I lov you for eternity.

Have a nice day baby!

💝 Say I lov you to ex – I still love you I miss you

Sometimes when someone leaves a part of you leaves with … The
more time passes the more your absence torments me.

Every day without you is a day without joy …
Today you are no longer there …
Yet you are so present in my thoughts.

Know that if one day love is reborn in your heart,
I would open the door to my home
To build new happiness for two…

I think about you every day …
I miss you day and night …

I kiss you respectfully.

Romantic deep love messages for her

❤ A few words that I say to you, which leave a shiver on my skin, which lighten my eyes when I look at you, who live when you smile.

❤ Time goes by, these words never die, I would like the world to know that there is nothing more beautiful, that others are no longer afraid to say them, these beautiful words placed endlessly on my lips, without failing.

❤ Engraved on the walls of carelessness, anchored in the meshes of innocence, letters caresses, letters promises where only life has the right to judge. It is an endless moment, an infinite echo where the Love that binds us always resonates.

❤ The sky is witness to what I say because under sometimes gray clouds hide my words of love. I was born to lov you because since I lv you, my whole body is alive again. It is my soul without a chain that writes the colors of life. Nothing in the habit, no force that pushes me because my blood and my skin come from lov. Gray holds the secrets of my amazing world where the beating of your heart is seconds of eternity.

❤ I fell into a trap, that of your heart that does not let me breathe and that stole my freedom.

❤ I sent an angel to protect you but he came back to tell me that one angel could not watch over another.

❤ I love it when you look at me in the night,
like an angel who is revealed
with your beautiful star
gaze, this gaze which dazzles me.

❤ I would just like to
spend a night with you once, to
be the angel of your sleep,
to protect you until I wake up,
and tenderly gently, to
open the doors of your heart. ..

❤ I saw your fears leave and return, your shy words which only asked to caress my life, you turn around my heart like a balloon released in the air free who does not yet dare to graze my body.

❤ How beautiful love is on her offered lips, when her body spreads on my unfaithful, disturbing and fragile soul I watch her come to cloud my heart with a certain desire …

❤ I do not regret the words given, those that we have posed like caresses, the ink that has healed eternal wounds, the letters that have burned the skin, the words offered still live, after, further than the tear, in the silence of the separated bodies, engendered like the present that remains on life.

❤ What I like is to think of you at night, without prohibition or constraint, when your body in demand begs you to love me and one of your thoughts settles on my skin …

❤You want me to say the words, that I speak for you, under the short-lived instant hides so much light, do you know how to be happy when you cry in sadness when you shed those tears of laughing without stops? I want you sober with selfishness and rich with past time.

❤ Your letters are silent because you want to talk only about yourself. Beauty is then ignorance, without sharing, without mixing the colors of life.

❤ You are afraid of being forgotten, of the shadows that go to live elsewhere, because there was only you, you would like to leave an imprint on the looks of the statues which they knew how to love on the banks of tomorrow.

❤ Do not seek, live, feel, touch the skin of a dream, open this look that only asks to shine, give what you have, even a feeling, it will go there, hatch flowers to the eyelids of the lonely, give the cheerfulness of your heart when the wind caresses you, it will know how to say “I love you” to the disappointed patients, to the hands sown with hatred and to the lost beings.

Sweet deep love messages for her from the heart

❤ Look at me, and it will be then that you will have understood the precious moments chosen, the tranquility of a face, you will be able to go and offer these shares and you will be able to speak the language of love.

❤We were lovers long before the words, before the exchange of looks and the envy of the skin, the moment created just for us, this unique love long since placed on our souls.

❤I only lov you, this is my sweet secret. You will speak over there by the sea and I will imagine your boat each time. It is a lov of salt, such a beautiful feeling, the cunning of the angels is a dream that still runs on the flow of my life.

❤ I only lov you, is that an admission? Love has no excuse and makes fun of unhappy people, so I want to make it an eternal sin where my smile will become a farewell.

❤In the sweet silence of my day, I think of you. On the lukewarmness of my life, your thoughts are caresses, I wish you a good Sunday, here mine is rainy but full of tenderness.

❤ I fell into a trap, that of your heart that doesn’t let me breathe and that stole my freedom.

How lucky, I discovered a real treasure … You!

I sent an angel to protect you but he came back to tell me that one angel could not watch over another.

❤ For lovers: I would just like a Once spend a night with you, be the angel of your sleep, protect yourself until you wake up, and tenderly gently, open the doors of your heart …
I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and my only drug is you.

❤ I would like to be the sun of your days, the moon of your nights, the tears of your eyes, the remedy of your pain, the smile of your joys and the only person in your life.

❤ That each morning is the witness of the attachment that binds us.

❤ If I were a judge and you accused her, I will condemn you to love me.

❤ You are my joy, you are my pain, you are my song, my color and in the sweetness of my veins, the blood that makes my heartbeat.

❤ To love is to find your wealth beyond oneself, I found it in you.

❤ In this hectic world where time passes too quickly, I can’t help thinking of you.

❤ Since I know you my heart never ceases to marvel. sweet deep love messages for her from the heart.

❤ Since we are intimately linked, there is a shower of smiles in my thoughts, a rainbow for rainy days, a fairyland of stars for the night.

❤ I have a lot of friends with whom I share my time, but with you, I can also share my heart.

❤ Do not believe that my heart can ‘t forget it can stop beating but not love you.

❤ Thinking about Lov is to think of you is to join the passion, it is to reach the emotion to the end of the soul.

❤ For the prettiest of women, the most tender and the most loving, for all our past and future nights, I love you.

❤ Why you? Because you are the one I have always been waiting for. You light up my life as no one has ever done, and why keep writing lines when everything can be summed up with an “I love you”?

❤ If I had the choice between you and life, I would choose you because you are my only reason for living.

❤ Often my thoughts get lost in the past, I remember these pleasant moments that together we shared.

Deep love messages for her from the heart

❤ You are the sun that lights up my life. In the morning, to get up without you is to get up in a world where it is always dark. You are my happiness.

❤ You are the spark that lights my darkness. Without you, I would only be avoided.

❤ You are my beautiful dream, my fantasy of hope. I can’t wait to see you again.

❤ You are present in my thoughts whatever the moment. And do you know? You are the dearest thing.

❤ The distance can separate us but nothing cannot take you far from me when you are well nestled in the bottom of my heart where all the images of you remain.

❤ If you were a tear on the corner of my eye, I wouldn’t dare cry for fear of losing you …

❤ If you asked me to choose between you and my life, I would choose my life, but above all do not leave, because my life is you.

Your external beauty attracted me to you but it was your inner beauty that held me back.

❤ You can’t know how much fun I feel when I write to you on this little screen. But you must know one thing, that you will always hold a huge place in my heart.

❤ You can doubt that the stars are fire, Doubt that the sun moves, doubt that the truth is only a lie; but never doubt that I forgot you

Beautiful deep love messages for her

Today is the day when you want to express your deepest feelings towards that special person and you are going to want to dedicate the most beautiful words that come from within you, and therefore, here we bring you the following list of messages and phrases from love for my boyfriend or girlfriend. we have prepared so that you have the most beautiful and short phrases for boyfriends, very special to dedicate and excite your partner. Are you ready for it? Well, let’s go see them!

❤ Your eyes shine, your skin is an emerald, diamonds are your teeth, your mouth is dying to kiss it.

❤ Every morning you turn on my room, I wake up, look at the window and see the reflection of our love.

❤ There will be a thousand beginnings, a million endings, in each of them, you and I travel to new places. Because that’s how I want my life, to share moments with you, each of my days, a beautiful infinite love.

❤ Remember the day, remember the month, remember the kiss we had the first time.
today I give you this mirror. You will find there the second most beautiful, nothing more and nothing less than your own reflection.

❤ Your eyes are bright, your lips are velvet, and a love like the one I feel, it is impossible to hide it.

❤ I would like to be the caresses of your skin, the light that enlightens you, but above all, I would like to be the woman of your life.

❤ Today I can feel, let go, and thanks to your love, I flow without thinking.

❤ I want our love to be like the sea, to have a beginning but never an end.

❤ With my money I give you this earring, with my hands this hug, with my lips this kiss and with my voice this “I love you”.

❤ If being with you means dying and leaving it means living, I don’t want a life without you, I certainly prefer to die.

❤ My greatest anguish is your pain, I cannot bear to see you suffer, I would sell my heart if it was a condition to see you smile.

❤ Expressing what I feel thanks to you, I let my thoughts flow because you are the light in me.

❤ In a beautiful sunset in your eyes I reflected myself, it is from this moment that I fell in love with you.

❤ If I were the Moon, you would be each of the stars that protect you … Do you want to protect me tonight?

❤ Each look you make drives me crazy, each kiss of you unleashes my madness …

❤ I love nature, forests, and flowers, but above all, I lov your tenderness,

❤ It scares me as I lov you, it’s like there is nothing before and after you either,

❤ I’m afraid of the way I love you, it’s like it doesn’t there was nothing before and after you either.

❤ I admire your bravery, and your joy, you never give up in the face of any adversity, you always fight to the end. How could you make me fall in love?

❤ Your gaze is an explosion of sensations, sweetness, daring, tenderness, warmth, mischief, daring … all at once you seduce me, my life.

❤ If you’re not by my side, nothing is worth it. Without you I’m not happy, it’s my condemnation. My darling, come back to me, please, this loneliness takes away my desire to live. I need you.

❤ You are the person who encourages me, the person who takes my pain away, every time you spoil me, I understand the meaning of the word “love”.

❤ The wingless bird cannot fly and I cannot breathe without your love. Romantic deep love messages for her from the heart.

❤ Happy as a child, cheerful as a baby, I notice that sweetness every time you sit next to me is like being born again. No problem, no stress, thank you for your lov, I will always thank you.

❤ Today, I want to wrap you in your bed, the dream of beautiful things, give you my whole soul, and so on until the end of our days.

❤ My love for you is an infinite dream, from which I don’t want to wake up, your skin leaves me breathless, from this fantastic world I don’t want to escape.

❤ Your eyes are a labyrinth, I get lost looking at you, but your kisses are the lifeline that helps me find you.

❤ At first, I didn’t dare to look at you, then I didn’t dare to talk to you, later I didn’t dare to kiss you and now I can’t stand the idea of ​​losing you.


Funny deep love messages for her from the heart

All the words of lov will not be enough to say I love you with a simple SMS… Maybe all! Except those from our beautiful selection of funny deep love messages for her from the heart texts to send by text to the friend we lv.

Make your spouse or partner laugh with humorous texts on the life of a couple: Funny phrase to say I lov you with humor and tenderness.

🥰 Funny couple life deep love messages for her from the heart

After reflection, I realize my love
that living together
is finding the solution to problems
that we would never have had alone!

But with you, it’s a real pleasure.

🥰 Funny deep love messages for her from the heart


Tonight I want you to turn off the TV
and turn me on!

See you tonight my love …

🥰 Funny goodnight love SMS idea

Sweet dreams my baby!
It is time for the warrior’s rest.

My soldier alone
must rest his little body!

Sleep well, I come to join you in your dreams.

Good night my man!

🥰 Love humor birthday text

Happy birthday sweetheart

I have love to spare.
How much do you have on you?
Don’t worry, I’m giving you a prize for your birthday.

Happy birthday, baby!

🥰 deep love messages for her from the heart: Love declaration

“The best way to turn a woman’s head
is to tell her that she has a pretty profile. »

Comic quote on the women of Sacha Guitry

🥰 The arms of a man who loves him

“The most beautiful garment that can dress a woman
is the arms of the man she loves. »

by Yves Saint Laurent

🥰 Funny love phrase to her lover

“Good lovers
are the women who build them.
Men, you have to teach them everything
And above all let them believe the opposite. »

Funny phrase by Victoria Abril

🥰 Humorous love quote

“Love gives spirit to women and withdraws it from men. »
Indian proverb

🥰 Moose love words for him funny


Prehistoric men may have discovered fire!
But women have discovered that you can play with it!
It’s hot between us don’t you think?

I love you, my favorite prehistoric man.
Signed: your prehistoric wife darling

Deep love messages for her as Poems

On special occasions, it doesn’t hurt to have nice details with your partner. And one of them is without doubt poetry. 

Read all the msgs I leave below and choose the one you like the most. You can also use them to write your own because there is nothing better than customizing them the way you are. You will surely conquer the man or woman you want!

The best words to express your romantic feelings in a single romantic sentence or with a short love poem. Send these texts as deep love messages for her from the heart and impress her

💖 Poem 1

I like the way you have to be You.
I like the way you have to be mine.

Thanks to you, I know that to love is to prefer the other to yourself.
Today, I know that loving is stronger than being loved.
You have become my priority.
My most beautiful project in life.

💖 Poem 2: To be with you

To be with you …
To be loved by you …
It’s to live in paradise every day …
You are my angel …
My way to happiness …
Your heart makes mine beat at 100 an hour …

I love you more than anything in the world …
You are my most beautiful dream of love come true.
You live in me forever, for eternity …

💖Poem 3: Kiss a woman like you

To kiss a woman like you
is to fly to the paradise of happy men.

You are a flame that fills my heart with gentle warmth.
You are a cloudless sky …
You are a bright sun …
You are everything I want …
You are the beauty of the world, the wonderful.

💖 Poem 4: My princess

My princess

I like you so much that when
you do not find yourself pretty,
I find you even more beautiful.

You can doubt yourself my darling forever
But never doubt my love…

I love you completely
and as you are …
You are perfect and the one I need.
I kiss you with passion and affection.

💖 Poem 5: ten million sweet kisses

Today I send you
ten million sweet kisses
that you will place on your body,
wherever you want.

I want you to have you dressed for me!
Let my perfume intoxicate you
and let everything bring you back to me.

💖 Poem 6: something to be desired

My tenderness, my heart, my baby

I love you as you are:
with your bad character
with your beauty made of light
With your humor which leaves
something to be desired with your way of loving me which makes me succumb.

💖 Poem 7: unique and magnificent

“If you tame me,
you will be unique to me in the world,
I will be unique to you in the world”.

You are my only love,
the only one to make me happy and in lov.

You are my exclusive!
My unique and magnificent lov…

💖 Poem 8: when you need me.

My heart

Know that I will always be there
when you need me.
I promise to always be by your side
to support you,
you, listen to you
and give you my help if you need it.

I walk on the same path as you
to face the bad winds together
and let myself be carried with you by the winds of happiness at 2.

💖 Poem 9: strongest and purest love

To you that I love more than anything

The strongest and purest lov
is not that which comes from impressions,
but that which comes from admiration.

💖 Poem 10: You are my joy

My heart
You are my happiness.
You are my reason to live.
You are my joy.
You are everything you want.
My most beautiful dream become a reality.

Romantic deep love messages for her from the heart

💖 Poem 11: on your heart

Hello Darling

So that you start your day well
I place a sweet kiss on your mouth,
Another on your heart …
And I send 1000 proofs of love to your soul.

💖 Poem 12: my darling

My baby
my darling

I am alone and I think of you
I am bored without you …
I need you …
I need your presence
To cuddle you, kiss you …

My heart feels lonely
My head is filled with you
But hands feel useless without you

And as the philosopher says

“If you don’t know what to do with your hands, turn them into gentle caresses. “

I hope to find you to cover you with my tenderness.

Deep love messages for her from the heart.

💖 Poem 13

My darling wife
My adored wife
My wonderful queen

I send you these few words of love to remind you that I lv you passionately.
Daily life with you is a fairy tale.
To live with you is to live in a world of beauty.
You’re a wonderful woman.
A delicious wife.
A fabulous companion.
The best mother for our children.
A wonderful mom and a woman of dreams!

Loving you is a path of roses…
Being loved by You embellishes everything…

💖 Poem 14

As long as love floods my mornings.
As long as my body quivers under your hands
Little does it matter to me problems
Life is good if you love me.

Have a nice day sweet Heart!

💖 Poem 15

My mom always told me
that I had to turn my tongue 7 times in my mouth
before saying something…

This is why me my man,
I like to turn my tongue seven times in your mouth to tell you I lov you.

💞 Poem 16: Ask your man for the forgiveness

Sorry, my darling!
Sorry to get carried away …
I’m too demanding with you.

Yet I don’t want a perfect man.
I only want a man who respects me perfectly.
My apologies…
Know that I love and respect you more than anything.
Your confused and loving wife.

Message for lover

❤ More than kissing her, more than sleeping together, more than anything else, she shook my hand and it was love.

❤ Your look makes me smile, your lips make me a dream, your kisses make me feel and your soul makes me love. Never get away from me.

❤ “I love you” is not a film, nor a book nor a song, it is the feeling which comes from my heart.

My love, you are the best for me, you represent everything I want and more, if I am born again I would choose you again.

Do you know why I fell in love with you? I fell in love with your smile, with your funny hobbies that sometimes drive me crazy, with your clumsy and hasty kisses that surprise me at any time, with your laughter at my follies, with your gaze and above all, with your heart, your love taught me how to live again.

The love we share is so beautiful that even in the moments that others would consider boring because we do nothing, I fall more in love with you, contemplating the silence and enjoying your presence is one of the best gifts that our relationship gives us.

Many birds when they fall in love and pair stay together all their lives, do you want us to fly together?

You are a summer boy and I am a winter girl, I enjoy spending cold days wrapped in your heat and your sweet aroma, the beating of your heart lulls my soul and invites me to rest confidently and safely in your arms.

It does not matter all the difficulties we go through, because I am sure of our love and of what you feel for me, all our sacrifices will see their fruits someday.

This time we have shared has given me the assurance that I was not wrong in choosing you like my boyfriend and confirmed that my heart spoke the truth because I have always loved you and waited patiently for the opportunity to meet you to make our love flourish.

You are the ultimate proof that dreams come true since I was little I dreamed of finding my princess charming and here you are.

Sometimes I feel that everything I love you is incredible, but then I see you by my side, exploiting your talents or spending time and I feel that I love you a thousand times more, perhaps what they say is that love is infinite.

Although your follies make me desperate and your hobbies can make me lose my patience, I would not wish to be in another place that was not by your side, joining forces both to make all our dreams and hopes for the future come true. 

These were the most beautiful phrases for my girlfriend that has brought to you, we assure you that with them you can express to that special man everything you feel and keep him in love and happy. A man, even if he does not appear emotional or is very sentimental, will always enjoy these signs of affection. Put shyness aside and dare to dedicate the most beautiful words of love and affection to her.


Heart touching deep love messages for her from the heart

girlfriends often share many texts and messages full of affection that some people may consider cheesy, but the truth is that when love dominates us, the phrases for girlfriend are a great way to express affection when you do not have your partner close or well when you want to whisper to hir how much you love hir in the ear. In we have some perfect examples for you:

I would choose you one and a thousand times more as my girlfriend because you make my best days, you make me happy with one of your smiles and you make me fight to be better every day.

When you are completely in love, words like these have no meaning, but darling, love overflows me and I must put on record that I love you.

Now that we are dating, I am aware of how dark and terrible loneliness is and I never want to feel it ever again.

My favorite moments went from going to parties to feel your head right over my heart and caress your back while we dedicate words of love.

From we hope that these messages and phrases for boyfriends are to your liking and that of your partner and that they help you fill your relationship with affection. Remember that falling in love with our partner with small details such as greetings, appointments, and dedications can strengthen your relationship to limits that you did not think possible.

Beautiful phrases of love for my boyfriend

When the girls are in love we become true romantics, but many times we cannot find the right words that define what we feel for our boyfriend. So in we bring you some beautiful phrases of love for my boyfriend so you can dedicate them and pamper him a little while reminding him how much you love him and how important his love is to you:

I am deeply in love with you because only by your side I discovered that true love creates paradise on earth itself, I don’t need anything else to be happy.

I never thought that love could make you spend hours with a person and make them seem like just seconds, that’s why my king, I want to spend an eternity and more by your side.

Our love is so magical that I am sure that the Universe wrote it in the stars so that it would never disappear.

At your side I have found the courage to conquer my dreams, defeat my nightmares and dare to fight for my goals, at your side each obstacle is a trifle.

Before, I was a very cold person who did not value love, but when I met you, it awakened in me a happiness that I did not know and an affection that I could not control, you are the only man who has made me dream of love.

The boys love the beautiful phrases of love for my boyfriend, although they do not usually share it with everyone like the girls do, so do not get depressed, he loves your messages and displays of affection and that is why he will fall more and more in love with you. From we want to encourage you to always share with him these sweet words and quotes because you never know when they can brighten your day and fill you with the energy you need to keep going.

Phrases to Dedicate to My Boyfriend

Finding the best phrases to dedicate to my boyfriend can be an arduous task, the girls are always detail-oriented and when the words do not give us to express love to our boy, it is difficult to find any phrase that does justice to what we feel. Luckily, in you can find the best ones and if you wish, you can modify them to personalize them and give them that special touch they need:

61 Your love has me so spellbound that just hearing your name my heart begins to pound and my eyes look for yours in the crowd.
62 Even before we fell in love my heart was already looking for you, my soul knew that soon her other half would be close to love and respect her, I love you very much my prince charming.


Phrases for My Beautiful Girlfriend


Phrases for My Girlfriend


11 Dear girlfriend, every time I wake up I can not help thinking about you, about feeling next to me and sharing a good morning smile with you, I am sure that you are that special woman with whom I want to share everything, I love you.

12 Without you by my side my life would be sad and dark, your love saved me from loneliness and the search for meaningless pleasure, I love you for being that special and reckless princess who came into my life to show me that love is there to give a special meaning to life.

13 You are a perfect woman love, the kindest, most affectionate, intelligent and strong of all, you are never afraid to fight for your dreams or give more of you, I am a lucky man to have a girl like you by my side, you are a big diamond, I love you.

14 A long time ago I lost all my hopes of finding true love and the universe listened to the pleas of my heart and crossed me with a wonderful woman like you, a brave woman who complements me and who teaches me every day how important it is to enjoy the lifetime.

And that is all friends! I hope that this list of phrases for boyfriends that we have brought you in has served to dedicate and excite your boyfriend or girlfriend. 

And so far, more than 200 romantic messages deep love messages for her that I had prepared for you. As you can see, some rhymes and others don’t, but what matters most is the way you recite them and their volume, the fact that they rhyme is sometimes secondary.

Beyond seducing someone, you can also use them for a friendship that you really appreciate. Oh, and most importantly, if you have something to bring, don’t forget to leave it in the comments!

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